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Monday, December 20, 2010

Tensen? Stop kat sini!!

Ini semua Shane Dawson punya kerja. Siapakah Shane Dawson? 

Shane Dawson is a YouTube comedian and actor. Dawson is known for making comedy videos featuring many recurring characters (such as Shanaynay, Ned the Nerd, S. Deezy, and Aunt Hilda), impersonations (such as Paris Hilton and Sarah Palin), and spoofs of popular music videos such as Telephone Dudes Version (Ned the Nerd) and Last Sunday Night (Aunt Hilda). As of November 1, 2010 his main YouTube channel is the third most subscribed channel of all time behind Nigahiga, and Ray William Johnson. wOOoo...No need to work hard performing in any Akademi fantasia or American Idol or Raja Lawak audition to become a famous comedian!! I like his hair~ :P
Tapi, memang terbaik untuk hilangkan tensen malam-malam sejuk ginih! Haha

After a nice blind date, it's time for Shanaynay to meet Shane family... :P

For More, search aje kat Youtube. gagaga :)



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