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Sunday, December 26, 2010

OMG.my personality report from JoBcentral

It is all about me?


At a glance,

Takes time over tasks, sees deadlines as flexible.
Less concerned with quality, may not notice errors.
Expresses emotions and needs attention. Tends to be concerned with own opinions and feelings.
Empathetic, understanding, helpful and supportive.
Not concerned with rank, title or position.
Less trusting, but has the skills to engage people to fulfill own objectives.
Practical, prefers to build on ideas rather than generate them.
Less expressive verbally.

While at work,

Ms Bohari is prepared to put in hard work moderately but she may at times prefer to work at her own pace.

Time is not a major priority for Ms Bohari. She is probably often late for appointments and may keep people waiting. She sees deadlines as flexible and takes her time to do things. She is not time-conscious when planning or organizing activities. Ms Bohari may feel stressed and demotivated when she is rushed, and may not deliver results on time.

Ms Bohari generally will persist with work until it is completed but may at times not complete her tasks.

Ms Bohari is less concerned with the quality of work. She may be inclined to meet other requirements of her job but is willing to compromise on quality and details. She tends to be careless and cannot spot errors easily. As such, she is not suitable for work requiring high level of accuracy.

Ms Bohari is an emotional person. She finds it difficult to conceal her feelings. She is likely to seek attention from others. Ms Bohari is passionate, romantic and warm, and needs to be with people. As her emotional needs are high, she is often the 'taker' in a relationship. She tends to make decisions based on her own feelings and opinions.

Ms Bohari is sympathetic and considerate towards others. She is also likely to be tolerant, understanding and forgiving. Ms Bohari lends support and offers help readily. She often lends a listening ear to others and is concerned about their welfare. She is also charitable.

Ms Bohari is friendly and outgoing when she is with friends although she may at times prefer to be quiet.

Ms Bohari selectively forms strong bonds with people although these bonds may not be very deep.

Ms Bohari is moderately serious about her responsibilities and selectively takes ownership of her work.

Ms Bohari does not care much about how people view her or whether they respect her or not. She focuses on what she wants to do for herself. She is unconcerned with issues of ranks, positions or titles. Status symbols are unimportant for her. She does not draw attention to herself and dresses moderately and simply.

Ms Bohari is skilful in managing people. She can be an excellent negotiator and is persuasive. She is also diplomatic and tactful in dealing with people. Ms Bohari not only understands human behaviour and motives, she is also able to engage them to accomplish her objectives. Although curious and accurate about human nature, she neither trusts nor believes people easily.

Ms Bohari's leadership qualities are moderate and she is sometimes able to get the support of people.

Intellectual matters do not interest Ms Bohari. She is more concerned with practical issues than abstract theories. Ms Bohari prefers to talk about useful and workable solutions than discuss hypotheses and concepts. She is more likely to build on ideas rather than generate them.

Ms Bohari puts in effort to plan ahead some of the times. She may at times not be as detailed in her planning.

Ms Bohari is not an expressive person and may have difficulty expressing her ideas, thoughts or plans. Her language ability may not be strong and she could be described as a person of few words.

Ms Bohari is generally able to tolerate some uncertainty although she would be uncomfortable if uncertainty or changes increase.

You have received this report because you have completed your Personality Profiling on JobsCentral. You may or may not understand the information fully. However do take a moment to reflect bearing in mind that your decisions are based on these sub-dimensions. This report can help you understand yourself better once you start making use of the information. You can contact C-VAT at enquiries@c-vat.com for further assistance on interpreting this report. Consultation fees applies.

**menyesal melakukan test itu dengan mata yang mengantuk. I hope i'm better than what mentioned above.sob sob**

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