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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Get All These from Universiti Terbaik Malaysia, Skudai

Salam sejahtera wahai peminat2 blog saya. Apa khabar?

This week is really.................................tiring and exciting!
Tapi tak banyak gamba. sob3 *tetbe je*


Last saturday I was joined UTM Marketing Team to promote UTM in Karnival Jom Masuk U by Ministry of Higher Education in Persada as UTM Ambassador. Such an honour to stand on that post, Thanks to Prof. Ahmad Kamal for giving such a great opportunity to be there. Me, Odah and Yat were given a task to promote UTM to the visitors, especially to the students who wants to enter University level. Mesti ramai nak masuk UTM sebab ada akak mata coklat yang cantik.hihi

UTM is the best university in Malaysia (Universiti Terbaik Malaysia), don't forget that. And you should now, spot the different between UTM and UiTM. We are different. hehe. Make sure to get yourself familiar with this...

UTM already awarded as Research University, and we are experts in technology and engineering with about 30 years of experience. We only have two campus which located at Skudai, JB and Jalan Semarak, KL. So if you guys are still confused which University you should enter if you are really interested in Engineering, choose UTM! We also offer a lot of courses in Management, Architecture, Physics, Petroleum Engineering, Chemical and so on. Log on to www.utm.my for further information or come to FESTIVAL INOVASI AND KREATIVITI, 23-28 March at Tapak Pesta Konvokesyen, padang kawat, UTM Skudai to meet us in person.


This is unexpected events that suddenly jump into my calendar. I joined CC as a Public Relation Officer for Murphy Oil Sarawak. The day before the events, me and Odah was assigned to become welcoming girl. Biasanya welcoming girl ni budak junior y cun2, so  tetbe je kami lak yang kena kan, so kami berasa yakin kami masih muda dan bergetah gitu. Terima Kasih CC! hahaha. Seriously, saya sangat penat menjadi usher a.k.a welcoming girl itu sebab pkai heels and kena kejar VIP. Walaupun nampak macam gadis litar bak kata zaki senget, takpe sebab because of perasaan ingin mencuba itu I got the opportunity to walk UTM TNC HEMA, Prof. Dr. Tajudin bin Hj. Ninggal to his office personally, berdua je taw. Wuuu... excited, yela saya kan cuma student kebanyakan.hihi

And the other excitement in CC, have such a great teamwork with Radhi and Murphy Oil Sarawak HRs. I never imagine that we can blend in like a close friend. Thank you murphy! Banyak sangat giftssss, best gila. Tapi yang tak best, langsung lupa nak ambil gambar. Itu sungguh aneh. Waaaa rugi. T_T


The last 2 weeks, I got full lawnbowl training every night. Skip jugak because of test, malas , student ambassador, karok and etc. :P

Inila bowl saya. My yellow2 magic bowl~ Beri saya kemenangan OK!

So far so good. Even I am the only final year student there, I can still mix around dengan junior2. Really enjoy the time. Main still tak terer, so wa sangat neves skang. Sok malam saya akan depart ke Perlis, and there will be no updates from me from here. Doakanlah semoga saya pulang dari perlis dengan membawa kemenangan. Yang pasti, saya pasti pulang dengan berwajah gelap dari wajah sekarang yang putih mulus halus dan tulus ini. So, make sure you recognize my shirts, attire, the way I walk, my nice voice supaya korg xrasa cam 4SKP ade student dari Somalia okay. Bersemangat bila pk main untuk UTM tercinta! wuhuuuu.... 

Last but not least, esok saya ada test ADVANCED DRILLING ENGINEERING. Saya tak suka mencintai subjek ini sepenuh hati saya. So, malam ni saya akan main facebook study je. :)

Ni last...

They provide us a lot of opportunities to have fun here in UTM, don't waste it. Love to be part of YOU YOU YOU and YOU............

Love u guys!

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eeqa~ said...

Oklah nieyh.. nak banyak gamba mcm mane agy? chaih!



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