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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hassan Chachok is Kampung Tengahian~

12.00 pm, 4 March 2011

Kedengaran lagu InsyaAllah dendangan Maher Zain...

Luvly mummy~

Mum : Hello, what are you doing on your bed?
Dayah : Mum, i woke up already. Roxar is here this morning.
Mum : Don't lie. Get up!
Dayah : Mum, I'm at the cafe.
Mum : Breakfast at twelve?
Dayah : Mum, you are so mean. I'm having my lunch!
Mum : What do you have for breakfast?
Dayah : =.= THIS IS LUNCH TIME MUMMMMMMMM~ I'm taking my lunchhhhhhhh~
Mum : Ooo really. What make you woke up early today?
Dayah : I always early what~ huahua. Grrr~ Roxar is here. 

bla bla bla

cot cet cot cet

Mum : Are you interviewed Hassan Chachok last time?
Dayah : Yup, at his office in TTDI. Why?
Mum : He's abah's friend. Don't you know it? He lived here, Lorong 2 Kampung Tengah.
Dayah : WHAT??????????????????????????
Mum : Yes it is.
Dayah : WHAT?????????? Are you teasing me?
Mum : I'm telling you the truth.
Dayah : WHAT?????????????????? OMG. If only i knew it a week before. I will never work that hard to get him and make an appointment at TTDI! and buy a honey color contact lenses to impress him and buy a new blouse and stay at damansara and sesat and and and... *mood surprise!!!*

He lived the same area as mine...

He is the boss in big company...

Owhh..I'm your neighbour, you friend's daughter, make me an engineer pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... ^^


Ahmad Ismail said...

is that ur create the conversion or true 1?

*ak pon nk pindah kampung tgh!! haha

Nur Hidayah Bohari said...

mak aku cakap camtuh la setiap kali dia kol aku xkira pg ptg or tengahari..sedey saya.hahaha...jom jd jiran saya! :P

faez bohari said...

ape la....
org kampung sendiri pun x sedar haha



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