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Friday, January 7, 2011

SMART is the new sexy.

January 8, 2011 : 11.16 am
It’s very cold, the temperature detected by my skin is -2 degree celcius. I have to wear sweater while doing my assignments, and my broadband disconnected every 3.5 minutes. WHAT THE FISH YOU CELCOM!! I paid my bill, how dare you do this to me. End up I wrote my blog in Word first. Rase macam nak pijak-pjak broadban ni, pastu hentak-hentak guna kerusi, baling ke luar melalui beranda bilik, then suro Odah lenyek guna KCF dia. Tapi kang tak ada internet tak boleh hidup pulak. Erk. Orait I give you ten minutes rest, plis be good after this.
I supposed to write ten pages of technical report on the topic,

What is the relative permeability?

The first assignment of Enhancement Oil Recovery (EOR) subject.  75% of the report must be from SPE paper means I have to read and understand more than 10 journals which has average 8 pages each in 10 days of time given. O.o
Sama macam buat draft PSM. Huhuhuhuwaaaaaaa~
At the same time, I was addicted with Big Bang Theory which now I have all 3 seasons which each season have an average 17 episodes. Every episode will consume you 20 minutes each.

Owh tidak! Distraction!

I can’t stop myself from watching it every day. Huhu. Let me tell you what is so terrific about this series.

Sheldon. I love Sheldon!!Haha

You should watch it, but before that make sure you don’t have an assignment. It make you realize one new thing,
love it! ^^

OK jom sambung buat assignment. After I got 5 pages I will reward myself 1 day off for Sheldon. Wee~

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