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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It is hard. And you make it HARDER.

I have a younger brother. I know he is not a kind that always depending on somebody. That makes me somehow proud of him. When I was trying to treat him a shirt, he insists to buy it himself. When my mum wants to give him pocket money, he said he already got it. If I was him I will take them all. He is now in Matrikulasi Teknikal Johor, Pontian as previously he is in Mechanical Engineering classes during secondary school. He only has one problem. Less in confident and easily give up. Opss it’s two ^^

Yesterday, he texted me. It’s time to fill up a UPU registration. He got confused on what courses he wants to pursue in Degree. He confused what he good at, or whether he can continue on Mechanical. He absolutely didn’t have the confident at all. He wants something easy. I concluded that. But the truth is, NOTHING is easy in this world. Every path you take will have their own difficulties. But NOTHING is impossible too.

This is what happens to him. And it happens in the real world. People tend to think deep about a problem than a solution of that problem. People tend to think backward than starts to step forward. People always say to themselves I CAN’T DO THIS rather than I CAN DO THIS. People is wondering what of the result of doing something without even trying. People LOVE to WORRY a LOT!! Even me, even you. That is NEGATIVE and as far as I am concern, NEGATIVE is BAD BAD BAD.

Let’s change the way we think. Think POSITIVE as far as I am concern, is VERY GOOD. Do you ever read the book by David J. Schwartz, THE MAGIC OF THINK BIG? You better get one. The book contains a lot of motivational stories. It is very interesting. After reading it, you can move a mountain. Hehe

Keep telling yourself, I am GOOD. Never underestimate yourself. and overestimate others .There are a lot of people who achieved their dreams, rich, have a good career, profitable business and so on. Why not us? Some people said, they have luck, they born to be rich and success. This is what we are meaning to be.  Oo really? Did your mother ever say to you that you are born to be stupid? Just stop it. You are giving excuses to make people think that you are right of thinking that way. That is the real ‘stupid’ that suits you well.

This is the rule. Usaha, Doa, Tawakal. No success for people who has no effort and give up. And you will never success if you afraid to try. If Alexander Graham Bell is give up, the will be no telephone invented and your mother will contact you by using letter. Set a goal for your life, and find out the way to achieve it. En Azman Ikhsan, my Water Flooding lecturer said, if you don’t know what you want to achieve at the end of the day, you will never know how to start. If you don’t know what to eat today, you will never know which cafĂ© you should go. Because Double Cheese Burger only available at McDonalds.

This entry is specially made for my little sister and brother. YOU are the BEST. Make yourself BEST!!

Good Luck on your study.

Your cute sister Hidayah.


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