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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Le ME Teaching WOMAN How to Drive

Hello fellas. We meet again.

Last 2 months, I involved in the scariest accident ever in my history of professional driver. LOL. Thank to Allah as He gives me Rezeki that allow me to buy a car with the annoying alarm reminding the drivers to buckle up. So during that time, I am safe. Only the car/BF got smashed like sambal belacan. Kesian boyfriend I itu. After that accident, a lot of people start giving me advices what to Do and Don't while driving my lovely car. Or, all people cars. Tehee 

Why I have to tell you this? (tak habis lagi intro). Because I am a woman. And woman drive kereta macam mana kan, uols google la sendiri. Clumsy. muehehe

So Ladies, while driving...

(1) Stop fighting with your boyfriend. Salam suami cepat. Because that will lead to high blood pumping rate and stress, and somehow your rempit mood will control you. Penting untuk memastikan bahawa ketika kita drive, mood kita sangat baik. Drive la dengan tenang, jangan terburu-buru.

(2) Na ah ah~ Cantik seatbelt kau. Buckle up ladies. I don't care about your tudung that will wrinkle after you arrive at your office. No one care. So why you care? *tetbe*. Anda lebih rela nampak cantik daripada tercampak keluar dari kereta? So, buckle up!

(3) Keep the safe distance between your car and the car in front of you at particular speed. Aware with the driving environment. If you observed potential dangerous driver, keep youself away from them. Mengalah jela kan. Diorang tu letak otak kat lutut time drive.

(4) [PENTING. Hope this won't happen to you] In case of emergency brake (terberangan sekejap kan), push the brake a couple times. As in my case, I drive at 60-70 km/hr, possibly faster than that, and at the time I realized the front car smashed the other car, I push the brake once. Actually, the wheel has stop moving, but the inertia of me and the car drag the car forward and bang! kebaboom! So, you can actually experiment it yourself, in front of your house, or at the highway kalau nak mati la. haha. The first time you push the brake, the wheel get slower. Then, release your feet, and push the brake a couple times again.Selamat kan kan kan? Tu la takda sapa nak bagitau aku dlu T_T

(5) Be confident. Sometimes, even me myself get mad at the woman driver because they are too slow. Got that? Chey. Nak potong orang, terhegeh2. Signal dah bagi 10 saat dah, ha masuklah. Apa lagi kau tunggu. Nak emo rasa. Sebab perempuan selalu drive tak berapa nak confident. Lagi-lagi boyfriend kat sebelah asik dok kutuk woman driver, takpun drive kereta ayah, ayah dok sebelah. Tak neves ko? hehe. We have to gain the confident while driving not because we want to be a minah rempit, but confident can avoid accidentally accident. Drive like a professional orang cakap. :D

(6) Do not play facebook, talk on the phone, reply emails while driving. Not even at the traffic light. Stay focus while driving. If you tend to berangan while listening to the music, buang radio. Cool sudey. Laju-laju kalau tak selamat nak buat apa. Kan?

(7) Before driving, make sure you know where to go. At least, if you are really new to that area, google la wey! This is another reason why people drive clumsily, suddenly they turn right, suddenly the turn left, orang horn, makin gelabah lagi. Plan your journey well!

(8) If you accident, consult the experience people like your dad, your brother, or whoever you comfortable with la. I advise, lelaki. Separuh lelaki, bole kalau dia gagah. This is #truestory. I got a friend in the office that work as a third party during accident. Kerja dia, malam-malam dia round the hot accident spot like Federal Highway, Jalan Tun Razak, MRR2, alah semua jalan la kira haha. So, when accident happens, tiba-tiba there's some guy approach you and say, 'rilek kak rilek kak. kita boleh tolong settle kereta akak A-Z. Eh tetbe je kau. Sebenarnya diorang ni agen workshop mana-mana la, diorang akan tolong korang settle claim insurans apa semua tapi diorang akan bawak kereta kat bengkel diorang. So, it's your choice nak bagi diorang settle atau you want to call your insurans people yourself. But remind yourself, once you sign any document, you give the right to them to settle your car. So kalau taknak jangan sign. Tapi, tapi kan. Sebab ramai sangat orang jahat dalam dunia ni. Yang macam ni, tapi penipu pun ada. So, be careful ye ladies. Don't easily trust people. T_T takot la dunia skang ni.

Orait. That's all for now. I'll add up more later if there's any. Share your ideas too if you want. Have a safe driving moment with your beloved car!


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