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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Its Final Week of Final Semester

Hey you...
I am now editting my thesis, and I am thinking.. What a waste of letting my internet do nothing while I am doing my job. So let's the internet upload some interesting picture of mine and frens..haha.

I don't know how to express my feeling now. I am too happy, because finally I almost2!! finished my 4 years of study at UTM SKUDAI, and yet we are now separating to our own way. Maybe after this there wil b no more karakoing, lunch and dinner together, gossiping in my room, talk and talk and talk till 4 am like what we always do in our old time (ooowh miss it already)...

But you know what, this 4 years are worth living for. hehe. I met new person, new friends, We love, We fight, We stab at each others back (hade? haha), we study together, we going through our happy and hard time together (kan kan kan 4skp 2011)... Nak gelak ade, nak nanges ade, nak gelak2 nanges pon ade bile ingat2 semua tu. Waaaaa gonna miss all dat.


Forgive me if I pissed u off...
Nobody is perfect, and I am not perfect. Sometimes I do silly things and hurt others feeling without knowing that I did it! Sorry3~

I love all of you, thank you for being part of my memory. Promise that we will always keep in touch ok.

What else?

Sayang korang lah... :D

Peehh...Laju kan internet gua. Semua gua upload. Pasni gua tuka konsep blog ni kepada album gamba saya. haha


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eeqa~ said...

merdeka suder? :P



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